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First-Ever KWCA State Coaches Webinar

12/23/2020, 3:45pm CST

Join Dr. Earl Walker & Mark Lentz

Attention: Kansas High School Coaches

On Tuesday, December 29th at 7 pm, the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association is going to host via ZOOM the First-Ever State-wide Scholastic Coaches Meeting. This Live, Interactive Webinar will last for 1 hour.  This format will be identical to our Live Sessions at the October KWCA Virtual Clinic.  The presenters will be LIVE, but the attendees will be communicating via the Q&A box so that we don't have 90 talking heads all going at the same time in the meeting.

Agenda Items:
1) KWCA Welcome and Items
2) Presentation by Mark Lentz focused on Certifications, Girls Wrestling, and State Tournament Series.
3) Presentation on Mental Well-Being for Coaches and Resilience by Dr. Earl Walker former NCAA Division I All-American at Boston University (BIO)

Coaches for the most part are Type-A personality people.  They are organized, focused on objectives, and results-driven.  They believe that if you take Variable A (athlete) add Variable B (practice, conditioning, time) that you will get C (Results).  This pandemic has changed all of those rules and has coaches stressed, frustrated, afraid, concerned and yes maybe even burned out!!   Coaches are using phrases like "impending doom" or "waiting for the next domino to fall."

We need to help them now!  The ripple effect of losing quality coaches and veteran coaches to burnout will be more than just a pebble in the pond.  It will be a BOULDER!   It could have a bigger impact than the loss of a season or two of youth/middle school wrestling.  (Which I think is big but not as big as this.)

Not only does it impact OUR Sport.  It also impacts the mental well-being, physical health, and family stability of these men and women we have entrusted with the title: COACH!

KWCA: Leading, Honoring, Promoting, and Serving Kansas Wrestling!
Doug Vander Linden
Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association, President
Burlington Wrestling Head Coach


About the KWCA

The Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association is a non-profit comprised of volunteers concerned with Leading, Honoring, Promoting, and Serving Kansas Wrestling.

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