2024 KWCA Kansas Shrine Duals Recap


KWCA, Kansas Shrine Duals, RH Sports Media | 3/21/2024

PHOTO CREDIT: Rylee Hackmann

2024 KWCA Kansas Shrine Duals Recap
By: Rylee Hackmann/RH Sports Media

The first-ever KWCA Kansas Shrine Duals took place this past week at Newman University. The KWCA Kansas Shrine Bowl is a nonprofit charity that produces annual events and activities, with net proceeds benefiting Shriners Children's. Each of the teams was comprised of all-star male and female wrestlers from the East & West sides of Kansas. Below are the men’s and women's dual results.

Men’s Dual Results:
118- Ezekiel Witt (East) over Chase Johnson (West) by fall
125- Kaeden McCarty (West) over Mason Gibbons (East) by a major decision of 15-2
133- Carson Ochs (West) over Evan Coble (East) by a major decision of 15-7
133- Tucker Wark (West) over Cullen Wikle (East) by a tech fall of 17-1
141- Kohen Wright (East) over Gregery Martinez (West) by a tech fall of 20-3
149- Harley Zimmerman (West) over Colin Menold (East) by fall
149- Wyatt Gardner (West) over Kasen Smith (East) by a decision of 8-1
157- Noah Bailey (East) over Rhett Briggs (West) by a decision of 10-6
165- Zach Wessley (West) over Colin McAlister (East) by a tech fall of 15-0
174- Jayden Ford (West) over Griffin Bohanan (East) by a decision of 15-8
197- Caleb Sharp (East) over Micah Cauthers (West) by fall
197- S`ron Hill (East) over Ronan Wunsch (West) by a decision of 6-3
285- Sebastian Lopez (West) over Kainen White (East) by fall

“Going into the match for the shrine duel I knew this guy was really good and also a lot heavier than me. I weighed in 10 pounds lighter than what I usually weigh in but weight is just a number and I knew how to get her done and to have fun!” - Harley Zimmerman

Women’s Dual Results:
101- Sheena Kaye Gocela (West) over Ellie Ayres (East) by Sudden victory of 9-6
109- Amara Ehsa (West) over Emma Hall (East) by fall
116- Keera Lacock (East) over Kinzie Rogers (West) by fall
123- Kendra Hurla (East) over Jill High (West) by fall
123- Zoey Kessler (East) over Adrian Wynn (West) by fall
130- Amanda Jaeger (West) over Gracie Oppeau (East) by a tech fall of 18-2
136- Leighanna Patz (East) over Alexis Burton (West) by a decision of 10-5
136- Laiken Clark (East) over Isabella Keesee (West) by sudden victory of 12-9
143- Hailee Crosland (East) over Jaycee Tyler (West) by fall
143- ??Kaydawn Haag (West) over Brooklyn Lima (East) by fall
155- Hailey Horton (East) over Myah Mattheyer (West) by fall
155- Haley Flores (East) over Dylann Hoffman (West) by fall
170- Taylor Plumley (East) over Karla Martinez (West) by a major decision of 11-3
191- Morgan Miller (East) over Aubrey Hunt (West) by a decision of 8-1
191- Karla Martinez (West) over Kara Pope (East) by fall

“The shrine dual was a really great experience to not only continue the sport I love but to continue it for a greater cause. Getting to meet the kids, hear their stories, and truly see another side to what Shriners have done for them and what they do on a daily basis for tons of kids is amazing. The whole experience was just memorable for years to come.” - Kendra Hurla

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