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2019-2020 Girls Individual Academic Awards

High SchoolWrestlerGradeWeightAward
Anderson County High SchoolShelby DunnJunior155FIRST TEAM
Baldwin High SchoolKayla MountainSenior143FIRST TEAM
Baldwin High SchoolKayla PowellJunior136FIRST TEAM
Baldwin High SchoolEmma GrossoehmeJunior143FIRST TEAM
Baldwin High SchoolBianca LuedeckeSenior101FIRST TEAM
Blue Valley High SchoolElle HempyJunior116FIRST TEAM
Burlington High SchoolChrissy HallJunior170FIRST TEAM
Burlington High SchoolBryleigh IschJunior191FIRST TEAM
Chanute High SchoolAmanda StalderSenior123FIRST TEAM
Chanute High SchoolHaley AngletonSenior191FIRST TEAM
Chanute High SchoolCaysia CrellinSenior101FIRST TEAM
Chase County Jr/Sr High SchoolSophia GlanvilleJunior235FIRST TEAM
Douglass High SchoolChiara MolinariJunior130FIRST TEAM
Eureka High SchoolAaLeiOnna CoxJunior130FIRST TEAM
Eureka High SchoolBailey HarrisonSenior116FIRST TEAM
Eureka High SchoolSierra MillerJunior123FIRST TEAM
Gardner-EdgertonJaidyn AndrewsJunior123FIRST TEAM
Great Bend High SchoolLexi DeinesJunior136FIRST TEAM
Great Bend High SchoolBriana PerezJunior155FIRST TEAM
Hoxie High SchoolAshlyn KausSenior143FIRST TEAM
JC Harmon High SchoolVanessa MoralesJunior191FIRST TEAM
JC Harmon High SchoolAngel TempleJunior116FIRST TEAM
JC Harmon High SchoolKristal ZamudioJunior109FIRST TEAM
Jefferson West High SchoolMontana GrahemSenior130FIRST TEAM
McPherson High Schoolaubree martensJunior109FIRST TEAM
McPherson High Schoolmadison skytteJunior191FIRST TEAM
McPherson High Schoolkaleigh marbutSenior123FIRST TEAM
McPherson High SchoolCatalina PalaciosJunior130FIRST TEAM
McPherson High Schooljessica kellingSenior136FIRST TEAM
McPherson High SchoolNatalie HedlundSenior101FIRST TEAM
McPherson High Schoolhaley schaferSenior143FIRST TEAM
Mission Valley High SchoolShelby KeslerSenior123FIRST TEAM
Mulvane High SchoolKaydran RussellSenior130FIRST TEAM
Mulvane High SchoolOlivia McEachernJunior101FIRST TEAM
Mulvane High SchoolElizabeth KirchnerSenior123FIRST TEAM
Mulvane High SchoolJosie RussellSenior136FIRST TEAM
Nickerson High SchoolNichole MooreSenior116FIRST TEAM
Nickerson High SchoolAllison CarderSenior123FIRST TEAM
Norton Community High SchoolGracie TemmelJunior235FIRST TEAM
Olathe East High SchoolErin WetterstromJunior109FIRST TEAM
Olathe East High SchoolErin WetterstromJunior109FIRST TEAM
Olathe West High SchoolMichaela TurneyJunior143FIRST TEAM
Olathe West High SchoolIngrid Beltran-GonzagaJunior155FIRST TEAM
Olathe West High SchoolElle FishburnJunior123FIRST TEAM
Phillipsburg High SchoolKalli MooreJunior143FIRST TEAM
Pratt High SchoolPayton WoodyJunior116FIRST TEAM
Rose Hill High SchoolAnayka BescoSenior116FIRST TEAM
Sabetha High SchoolVivian StrahmSenior170FIRST TEAM
Salina Central High SchoolAshley AbbottSenior116FIRST TEAM
Salina Central High SchoolKate JenningsJunior130FIRST TEAM
Shawnee Heights High SchoolAmelie JungwirthJunior116FIRST TEAM
Shawnee Heights High SchoolMadisyn WardSenior109FIRST TEAM
Shawnee Heights High SchoolIzzy EricksonSenior136FIRST TEAM
Shawnee Heights High SchoolThea BraatenJunior143FIRST TEAM
Spring Hill High SchoolCoutney CostainSenior130FIRST TEAM
Spring Hill High SchoolLexi DillonJunior143FIRST TEAM
Spring Hill High SchoolRaegan StinemetzSenior123FIRST TEAM
Spring Hill High SchoolHayleigh DiffleySenior170FIRST TEAM
WaKeeney-Trego CommunityJessika ChapmanJunior123FIRST TEAM
WaKeeney-Trego CommunitySydney BoyleJunior143FIRST TEAM
Washburn Rural High SchoolHalley RobinettSenior155FIRST TEAM
Washburn Rural High SchoolEllise RomineJunior136FIRST TEAM
Washburn Rural High SchoolSamantha HouserSenior130FIRST TEAM
Washburn Rural High SchoolAmelia SayersJunior143FIRST TEAM
Wichita North High SchoolDialeen FrenchJunior109FIRST TEAM
Wichita North High SchoolYalitza ArroyoJunior136FIRST TEAM
Wichita South High SchoolAutumn KowalskiJunior109FIRST TEAM
Abilene High SchoolSkyleigh PflasterJunior109HONORABLE MENTION
Burlington High SchoolCarlee BroylesSenior123HONORABLE MENTION
Burlington High SchoolMatti HuffJunior130HONORABLE MENTION
Chanute High SchoolAndrea CuinJunior116HONORABLE MENTION
Concordia High SchoolKassidy LeiszlerSenior101HONORABLE MENTION
Gardner-Edgerton High SchoolMichelle JalabomySenior191HONORABLE MENTION
Gardner-Edgerton High SchoolSkylar DempseySenior143HONORABLE MENTION
Great Bend High SchoolBreckyn ElliottJunior101HONORABLE MENTION
JC Harmon High SchoolNancy CamachoSenior143HONORABLE MENTION
McPherson High Schoolbrittani burgessSenior170HONORABLE MENTION
Shawnee Heights High SchoolKatelynn ThomasJunior130HONORABLE MENTION
Wakefield High SchoolEve MurphyJunior136HONORABLE MENTION
West Elk High SchoolJaylee AllenbJunior101HONORABLE MENTION
Wichita North High SchoolAngelina GallegosJunior191HONORABLE MENTION
Wichita North High SchoolKassidy KhamvongsaSenior116HONORABLE MENTION
Wichita South High SchoolSocorro StephensJunior101HONORABLE MENTION